Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

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Emergency lighting

Emergency escape lighting requires that when the supply to all or part of the normal lighting within the premises fails, the escape lighting is required to fulfil the following function:
  • To clearly indicate the escape routes and provide safe exit from a building.
  • To provide illumination along such routes to allow safe movement towards and through the exits provided.
  • To ensure that fire alarm call points and fire fighting equipment provided along escape routes can be readily located.
  • To permit operations concerned with safety measures.
Whether domestic HMO, retail, commercial or large industrial, emergency lighting, plays a vital safety role in any premises. At JPS Fire & Security we are able to design and install various types of emergency lighting in accordance with the requirements of BS 5266
Emergency Lighting
Maintained lights are dual function providing both normal and emergency lighting upon failure of the mains supply to the normal lighting. They are often used to illuminate exit signage and also used in general areas as converted standard and architectural fittings. 

Non-maintained lights provide illumination upon failure of the mains supply to the normal lighting. They are the most basic form of emergency lighting designed to supplement existing lighting where a requirement of emergency lighting has been specified.
Emergency Lighting
Emergency light fittings are available in a wide range of options from standard bulkheads to boxed exit signs, converted down lighters and architectural fittings, and twinspot halogen fittings for large open warehouse areas. The recent improvements in technology also sees most fittings available as LED low energy type offering no lamp replacements and lower power consumption for batteries and energy costs.
Emergency Lighting
We can also offer FIREscape, the UK's first low voltage, intelligent LED emergency lighting system. FIREscape is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up and features addressable, self contained luminaires and signage connected via traditional low-voltage (40V) cabling.

The intelligent system is low maintenance and is addressable allowing programming control and testing of individual luminaires. Power consumption is greatly reduced due to the extra low voltage LED technology. The system can also be linked with graphics software allowing instant overview of the system and assists in maintenance tasks.
Maintenance of an emergency lighting system is essential to ensure correct operation and continued reliability and that unrevealed issues are identified.

We provide regular maintenance inspections to emergency lighting installations carried out by us or pre-existing lighting. Our maintenance checks include visual inspection of all system components, in addition to the required six-monthly 1 and 3 hour discharge tests. Monthly function testing should be carried out and recorded by the user or a responsible person. However, in unmanaged premises where this is not possible we are able to take on this task.

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