CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

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CCTV Systems

CCTV systems serve as valuable tools to deter vandalism, theft and other types of crime as well as providing essential video evidence of any events to assist the police and subsequent legal matters. It can also be utilised to monitor production facilities and site health and safety. 

At JPS Fire & Security we are able to design and supply all types of CCTV equipment to suit your specification and budget, from single camera domestic analogue systems for domestic and small retail/commercial use to larger digital HD and IP systems suited to commercial installations. 

Our free of charge site survey prior to quotation is in place to determine the right solution for your security needs. Please contact us to arrange a survey or discuss the requirements.

Our Surveillance systems include:

CCTV Systems
Dome cameras are a very popular choice for their versatile design and vandal resistant properties. Available as internal or weatherproof external units, static or with motorised remote telemetry and day/night with infrared night vision for low light conditions.
CCTV Systems
Static bullet cameras offer high quality images over varying distances with day/night with infrared night vision for low light conditions.
CCTV Systems
IP cameras are recent additions to the market allowing users to view live images over the internet from anywhere and record on to PC and IT networks.
Digital and HD cameras offer higher quality images and systems offer recording of up to 100 images per second and record simultaneously from all connected cameras. 

Covert cameras are available when circumstances require discreet installation, in a wide range of housings from dummy smoke detectors to heating thermostats. 

Digital recorders store data to their internal hard drive and can be copied to discs, flash drives or external storage. Available up to 32 channels and as standard or full 1080 HD quality. IP addressed units can be viewed remotely over the internet or positioned offsite in relation to the cameras. These units allow live viewing over the internet and storage to IT networks as well as smart phones with internet capability.
CCTV Systems
We can provide Remote Monitoring of systems to an alarm receiving centre via comms and audio equipment to give full coverage for the security needs of a site. 

CCTV maintenance of an installation is essential to ensure correct operation and continued reliability and unrevealed issues are identified. 

We provide regular maintenance inspections to CCTV installations carried out by us or pre-existing equipment. Our maintenance checks include visual inspection of all equipment, cleaning of cameras, checking recording equipment and power supplies, as well as adjusting cameras and control equipment if required.
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