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Access control systems

Access control systems ensure that only authorised persons can gain entry to certain areas of a premises without the burden of locks and lost keys. 

Systems can be tailored to benefit premises of all sizes and type from small retail solutions to large networked PC based commercial units. The many applications of access control systems include monitoring main entrances, car park access, monitoring staff movements and visitors, general building security and remote locking of doors.
Access Control
Intercom entry systems allow security to be monitored at the main entrance allowing you to speak with visitors directly and allow entry. Video entry systems also give visual information to see who is visiting. User handsets also have the facility of remote lock release. The addition of coded keypads or proximity readers can integrate the systems with other door security for staff access.
Access Control
Swipe card or proximity based access systems offer a low cost security solution to manage or restrict entry to parts or all areas of a premises and record details of when and where they can be used. They can be fitted to internal or external doors as well as other entry points such as car park barriers, gates or turnstiles. Readers are able to withstand all extremes housed in weatherproof or vandal resistant housings.
Access Control
Biometric systems offer advanced security solutions based on users unique human characteristics including fingerprint, palm, retina, iris and voice recognition. They offer a high level of security which is difficult to compromise and cannot suffer administration issues such as lost cards or fobs.
At JPS Fire & Security we are able to design and install a wide range of access control equipment ranging from a single electronic lock to larger networked PC based systems. Systems can be tailored to site, from lock to suit particular doors to methods of gaining access from coded entry keypads, proximity readers and biometric readers. We also provide audio and video door entry systems for communication between occupants and callers. 

Our free of charge site survey prior to quotation is in place to determine the right solution for your security and access needs. Please contact us to arrange a survey or discuss your requirements. 

Maintenance of an access control system is essential to ensure correct operation and continued reliability and that unrevealed issues are identified. 

We provide regular maintenance inspections to access installations carried out by us or pre-existing systems. Our maintenance checks include visual inspection of all system components, checking and adjusting locks, as well as electrical checks to control equipment and power supplies. 

Please contact us for more information regarding our access maintenance.
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